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I am a 24 year old nurse and decided to get a breast augmentation last year with Dr. Richard Sadove in Gainesville, FL. I can honestly say it has been the best decision and investment of my life so far! I am extremely satisfied with my final results and am happy that I decided to work with Dr. Sadove as well as choosing the new “gummy bear” implants which are VERY natural and “anatomically” sized to fit your body. I have never been asked or had people assume that my “boobs are fake.” Most people are actually shocked when I tell them I have had a breast augmentation because they are so natural looking. Working with Dr. Sadove was an amazing experience because he was very empathetic and focused on MY goals for a breast augmentation, as well as making the process very smooth and easy. I tend to get nervous with surgeries, but I was very comfortable when the surgery date actually arrived as things had been thoroughly planned out in advance pre-operatively and post-operatively. With exercising frequently, working as a nurse lifting people and having a smaller frame, I wanted an augmentation that looked very natural and a size that didn’t appear too dramatic and “fake” looking. Dr. Sadove was an expert in measuring different distances around my bust area to pick the best size for my body type and frame, which is the big advantage with the new breast implants. He never once pressured me into feeling like I should go bigger and was very supportive throughout the process, educating me and helping me pick the best size. I have never had one issue with exercising (or any issues at all for that matter) and am not only very happy with the size, but also the way they feel. I have allowed several of my girlfriends see/feel my breasts and have always had remarks of how natural they feel, they soon visited Dr. Sadove for the same procedure. Dr. Sadove has been very informative throughout the process and still stays in touch with follow ups to ensure I am happy with the results, which I can say I am extremely happy I made the decision for a breast augmentation and my choice of the surgeon. If I had to go back and redo it all again, I would make all the same decisions!
I am an active mom, enjoy working out (running and light weights), bike riding with my kids, crafts, dancing and looking my best. I had a silicone breast implant procedure done back in June 2012 where the surgeon talked me into going “under the muscle” due to my activity level. From day one I had discomfort on my sides (laterally). The implants began to move more and eventually would slip almost into my armpit, and when I would lay down I felt like I was picking up my breasts and putting them back on top of my chest. The pain was also getting worse on my sides and my chest was getting weaker and I wouldn’t do strength exercises for my chest due to pain and I had difficulty reaching overhead. At the encouragement of a friend, I went and visited Dr. Richard Sadove in Gainesville. He was very kind and completed a thorough history and examination with me. Dr. Sadove later explained that my implant should not have been placed under my muscle as my pectoralis major had atrophied and the implant was now moving all around in the pocket. He recommended a revision and replacement with Gummy Bear implants. I will say this. On the day of surgery, immediate after surgery, despite the small pain I felt from the surgery, I could tell I was a better. I now am back to running, lifting weights and being the active mom I love. Dr. Sadove, his surgery center and the office gave me the best care I have ever had. My life is back to normal because of this man. I had very little pain after surgery and he walked me through each step of getting back to my old self. I both feel and look great. I had resigned myself after the first surgery that this is how it would always be. Dr. Sadove changed all that. His office is almost 1.5 hours away from me and in Gainesville which is much smaller than the city I live in, but going to see him was the best decision I ever made.
acwilliams (realself)42 Year-old Active Mom with Prior Breast Augmentation
I did research and found him to be the most qualified to do Sientra gummy bear implants. My implants are the new tear drop shaped cohesive implants. Thesd implants are only available through sientra brand. I was going for a natural look not round. I did not want my aerolas redone so he left them big as they appear this pic. i am still pretty sore 6 days post op but he had so much work to redo it was expected. no infection no issues afterwards. After a year of researching doctors i decided to go with Dr. Sadove. I have never been happier with my new implants. They look amazingly real. I was at 270 cc and went to 480 cc. I almost cried went i saw him post op because he changed my life. He is one of the few docs that have plenty of years experience with this new implant by Sientra. Im 4″11 119 pounds
nikkie37 (realself)Amazing Gummy Bear Implants!
When I first decided to undergo a breast augmentation, I decided that I had to do my homework to get the right doctor, the right implant (type, size, shape, texture, etc), and right placement for me. I did A LOT of research before I started to form an opinion on what I thought I wanted to go with. I found the perfect implant option in anatomical cohesive silicone gel (“gummy bear”) implants- they’re the safest, most naturally shaped, they look and feel amazing, their texture and shape allows for placement above the muscle so that the implant can move naturally with your body as you age versus leaving the possibility of a “double bubble” or “snoopy dog” look. (If you don’t know what that is, look it up! It can end up looking like a firm implant “ball” stuck up under the muscle while the breast tissue naturally softens with age & literally forms almost like another set of breasts below the implant. BAD!) After I decided on the specifics of what implant type I felt would be best for me, I researched the best plastic surgeons who use these types of implants. I watched presentations/lectures, read publications and reviews, looked at before and after photos, sought out what certifications and special training/education each doctor held, found out if they held memberships in -or served on the board of- specific cosmetic surgery peer review organizations, and researched each doctor’s status with the board of medicine for their state (as well as any complaints against them). I was THOROUGHLY impressed with Dr. Sadove! He didn’t have a lot of patient reviews or an extensive amount of “example” images on the internet, but all of my research showed that he is -BY FAR- the most experienced and knowledgable cosmetic surgeon *IN THE COUNTRY* when it comes to “gummy bear” implants; and what I did see impressed me and brought me a “comfort” that I just can’t quite put my finger on. I knew that he was worth whatever travel would be necessary to get to him! (By the way, he has HUGE books of beautiful “before and after” images in his office, he just doesn’t put a lot online. And from what I can tell, the doctor is extremely modest and has never asked his patients to write reviews -which many doctors do. Quite frankly, it seems as though his experience and reputation have kept him busy enough that he doesn’t have to beg for patient reviews! 😉 I personally wouldn’t have even thought to write a review until I was gushing to his office staff about how amazing of a job he did and the ladies encouraged me to write a review as a special way to say “Thank You” in a public way! Hopefully the office staff will continue to encourage patients and let the doctor know that it’s ok to accept compliments and reviews from patients- it’s the least I could do to for the amazing job he’s done for me!) 🙂
GummyBearsBest BA Surgeon in the Country!
The moment I was diagnosed with collapsed breast implants, I started searching high and low fo the best of plastic surgeons. I knew immediately during our initial consultation (of many) that in Dr. Sadove I had finally found the professional and compassionate plastic surgeon I had been looking for. It’s been a year since my breast implant removal and reaugmentation. I couldn’t be happier with my “Gummy Bear” Implants. Love them! They feel and look so natural! Thank you Dr. Sadove for the high level of care you and your fabulous staff so graciously rendered to me and my family. To this day, you make me feel like family. Magdalena Resto
magdaresto13 Year Old Collapsed Breast Implant Removal & ReAugmentation
I was very uncomfortable with the size of my breasts and just wanted to fit my clothes and bathing suits better.
Gainesville4420Very Knowledgeable!
I wanted to look better and breathe easier , my nose was not my best feature , I felt like I needed to do something about it . Dr . Sadove and his staff were amazing they not only made me comfortable but helped me feel better. I was extremely pleased with the procedure before and after surgery it’s been the best experience I have ever had . And I would do it all again . I am very pleased with my nose and my breathing has improved tremendously . Excellent Dr. SadoveHe deserves 10 stars!!!!!
HutchinsI am very pleased with my nose and my breathing has improved tremendously
Dr. Richard Sadove is an excellent choice for any type of cosmetic surgery he truly cares about his Patients . I am very pleased with my nose work , not only for appearance reasons but because my breathing has improved as well. I was very scared to have my nose worked on . But thanks to Dr. Sadove and his staff they made me very comfortable during this whole process . I Am very pleased with my outcome and will definitely recommend Dr.Sadove 100 Percent satisfied.THANK YOU DR. RICHARD SADOVE
Hala Q.Rhinoplasty
I had upper blepharoplasty, lypo on mylar bags under eyes, and red laser for wrinkles. The results are amazing. I look younger, no one tells me I look tired anymore, and I feel great, AND he saved me a couple thousand dollars! I consulted with four surgeons and got high estimates on extra procedures I didn’t need. The after care was caring and thorough. All the office staff was polite and I recommend him to anyone wanting facial work.
Elaine SauermanFantastic!
Dr. Sadove is an exemplary practitioner who excels in his surgical skills and bedside manner; his staff is the best; and the results achieved on me were nothing short of superb. In fact, the procedure was so successful it has left me and my friends and family in complete awe. I started receiving compliments on how refreshed and great I looked within 9 days of my procedure. Furthermore, I went back to work in two weeks without anyone even suspecting major surgery had been performed on my face and neck. Within three weeks, I was able to wear my hair pulled back and still no one noticed anything. Bruising was minimal and the scars follow a natural curvature–meaning, they literally hide themselves. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you: I no longer dread looking in the mirror. I am so grateful to have selected the best of the best for my procedure. Because I don’t make the big bucks, I thought something like this was out of my reach. But after the initial estimate, I figured it out and his staff assisted in every possible way with working out the details to assist me in making it happen. It was truly a bang for the buck in terms of quality, service, and outcome. I would encourage anyone who is considering plastic surgery and who desires a natural look to schedule a consult with Dr. Sadove. Your friends and family will go nuts trying to figure out why you look so GOOD! It is your choice to share what you had done, as no one will figure it out unless you divulge! How absolutely wonderful it is that this stellar professional has chosen to establish his practice and share his exceptional skills right here in our community.
JenStar ServiceI could not be more pleased with the services received at Sadove Cosmetic Surgery.