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Boxcar Acne Scar


Box car scars can be characterized by presence of clearly defined and steep edges. In this regard they are similar to ice pick scars, however they are much wider. They differ from rolling scars in their deep steep edge and limited diameter.  Due to its complex nature, box acne scars are more difficult to smooth out, or blend to match with the surrounding skin.

Box Acne Scar
Boxcar Acne Scar

Laser resurfacing, particularly ablative resurfacing with an Er:YAG or CO2 laser cannot achieve desired results, as these scars are simply too deep. There is no role for laser therapy for these types of scars.

Boxcar scars often cast deep shadows and are highly visible in low light. Cosmetic facial makeup is of little help as the holes are too deep to camouflage.

The most common treatment for boxcar scars, though, are dermal fillers. These are injected into the scar, helping to raise depressed areas of the skin leaving it more even with the surrounding skin surface. Dermal fillers are fast, simple procedures compared to other types of acne scar treatments.

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