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Red And Brown Acne Marks


Can Laser Treatments Lighten Red or Brown Acne Scars?

red and brown acne scarsThe answer to this question depends upon what it is that is being treated. Some acne scars are still red or brown. These are the targets for the Varilite Laser. Brown coloration also called post inflammatory hyper pigmentation is more common in intermediate to darker skin types. Red scars have simply not yet progressed to a resolution of the inflammation are still in the process of healing. At The Acne Scar Center, we treat the deep texture changes with the Rewind or Refine Procedures and not lasers. Multiple options exist and may be required to improve both color and texture. Fine texture issues may be treated with the CO2 ablative laser.
For redness, we recommend the Varilite 532 nm laser from Iridex. This laser beam specifically targets the red color due to increased blood flow in the inflamed healing acne marks. Response is rapid and few treatments are required. Such redness is of particular concern for lighter skin types. Color problems are not the same as texture issues but can be a real problem for those suffering the embarrassment of old acne.

Darker olive skin colors often develop a troubling brown color in old acne scars. Such patients had the increased pigmentation develop because the inflammation of acne infection also stimulates the cells which make melanin pigment. The VariLite laser generates an intense beam of light that selectively targets a treatment site. Laser light is then absorbed by the melanin, which is responsible for excess skin pigmentation. The laser causes decomposition by heat, destroying the unwanted pigment and leaving healthy cells intact.

While the Varilaite laser does not smooth out textural deformities, it does evening out skin tone to create a more unified canvas and clear complexion.”

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