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About Dr. Sadove

Certified Acne Scar Removal Surgeon

Dr. Sadove is a board-certified plastic surgeon serving the greater Gainesville, North Florida area.  While performing several different procedures, Dr. Sadove specializes in acne scar removal treatments. Dedicated to excellence and continuing education, Dr. Sadove is proud to offer his services to acne scar patients for over 30 years. For decades, he has been performing fat grafting and now effectively treats acne scars with fat cells. Because of his continuing experience, Dr. Sadove is proud to serve hundreds of patients who have suffered from acne scars.

Dr. Sadove received his Bachelor’s degree from Washington University and his Master’s degree in Surgery from the University of Illinois. Dr. Sadove received his medical degree at Rush Medical College where he also completed a general surgery residency. Finishing his education, he completed his plastic surgery residency in Norfolk, Virginia.

Throughout the years, Dr. Sadove has been invited to speak and teach other plastic surgeons in over 26 countries around the world. He is also actively involved in many leading medical societies including:

With over 40 published books and articles in respected peer-reviewed Journals, Dr. Richard Sadove has received numerous awards and honors in the United States and across the globe. Additionally, he has been an editor of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal for over a decade.

Scar Removal In The Past

Son of a world-famous physician, Dr. Richard Sadove followed in his path. Dr. Sadove, founder of the Rewind acne scar treatment, thought “out of the box” like his father.

In the past, acne scars were treated on top of the skin. Unfortunately, this remained the norm, with few physicians questioning the legitimacy. However, the cause of depressed scars is not on top of the skin, rather below it. No amount of work on the top layer of skin would raise the depressions back to the surface. Additionally, collagen treatments do not return a depressed or ice pick scar to normal.

Best Treatments in the Southeast

Plastic surgeons know the experience of separating and “lifting” acne scarred skin.  As the scar on the under surface of the skin is cut and released, the skin is freed.

Unlike other procedures out there, Dr. Sadove’s Rewind procedure is not aggressively separating the skin as much as it would in a facelift. Instead, his small, special instrument does thoroughly cut the scars from the under surface of the skin.

Because modern medical science has been researching the science of fat grafting and stem cells in recent years, much progress has been made. Therefore, Dr. Sadove has used the latest research to perform highly successful procedures.

Stem cells are attached to fat cells in our body.  Therefore, they can become fat cells in a process commonly known as fat grafting.  The cells are taken from one area, treated, and then placed in another area. While Dr. Sadove has been performing facial surgeries and treatments for decades, recent discoveries have made auto fat grafting more successful.

Plus, platelet-rich plasma, rich in growth factors, are added to increase the success of the fat transfer.

The Acne Scar Center

Finally, this is where it all comes together. The Acne Scar Center was developed out of state-of-the-art, advanced, groundbreaking treatments. Therefore, it combines the experience of knowing how to safely administer local anesthesia, provide top-notch facial surgery, and advanced fat grafting.

Experience coupled with passion, The Acne Scar Center was created to offer those feeling embarrassed of facial scars more options that work. Because of this, our mission is to help such people with long-lasting improvement.


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