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Other Facial Scar Types

Facial scar types include; chicken Pox scars, traumatic scars, and scars from previous surgery. These other types of scars that occur on the face.

Some facial scars are called “burst” scars. Others facial scar types may be from a sharp object. Burst scars are from more blunt types of injuries where the skin tears from the almost “explosive” type of force. These tend to heal more slowly and less well because the edges of the wound are not healthy. The edges have a more poor blood supply. Early revision of these types of injury are often for the best.

One of the major things that determine whether an injury will be a “good” or “bad” scar is the initial management at the time of injury. A scar which heals promptly after injury will create less scar tissue. Delayed healing leads to more scar tissue, a wider, thicker, more red scar. This is one of the reasons why an experienced plastic surgeon is desired for initial management of a wound. It is also a consideration in acne scars which have healed slowly in a less favorable healing environment.

Location of a scar is also an important factor. In Conclusion, scars located in facial wrinkles will become more favorable.

Facial Scar types Treatment

The same is true for “orientation” of a scar. When a scar lies in the direction of a “fold” or wrinkle is will be more favorable. This is why it is so important to apply this knowledge whenever new scars are being placed on the face as part of a scar revision.

Certain types of scars on the face are often treated in stages. This is often more very difficult for the patients to accept who are understandably unhappy with the scar and wish they could be corrected quickly. The best treatment often requires waiting for part of a wound to heal. The reason is to know which parts to leave alone and which parts to continue to treat.  This requires patience and judgment. Dr Sadove has the judgement and experience, which results from decades of treating these kinds of problems.

Often, procedures like excisions and Z plasty are performed in the office under local anesthesia. General anesthesia and an expensive operating room are not necessary.  See the Before and After Other section for examples of other facial scars.

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