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The Acne Scar Center

Here is where it all comes together to create The Acne Scar Center: state of the art, advanced, groundbreaking treatments. It binds the experience of knowing how to safely and comfortably administer local anesthesia, a top facial surgeon, and advanced fat grafting.

The Acne Scar Center was created to offer those suffering the embarrassment of facial scars more options that really work. Our mission is to help such people with more long lasting improvement.

Son of a world famous physician who invented many important medical treatments, Dr Richard Sadove followed in his path. Inventor of the Rewind acne scar treatment, he thought “out of the box” like his father.

In the past, acne scars were treated with therapies on top of the skin. Unfortunately, it was the norm and few physicians questioned its legitimacy. In fact, depressed scars is not on top of the skin rather below it. However, no amount of destruction of the top layer of the skin was going to raise these depressions back to the surface of the surrounding skin. So, no collagen stimulation would suffice. Collagen stimulation does not return a depressed or ice pick scar to normalcy. In fact, it is an absurd marketing claim for too many good people suffering from the embarrassment which comes too often from acne facial scars.

The Acne Scar Center Discoveries..

With the experience of being a plastic surgeon, many understand the experience of separating and lifting the skin. Because of Dr. Sadove’s years of experience, he understands that to free the skin, the scar on the under surface of the skin is cut and released. Therefore, the scars are fixed. No matter how you say them; scar, peklat, cicatrice, Narbe, צַלֶקֶת, चोट का निसान, 흉터, cicatriz; you don’t want them.

Dr. Sadove’s Rewind procedure is not aggressively separating the skin as much as in a facelift. In fact, his small, special instrument cuts the scars from the under surface of the skin.

In recent years, modern medical science actively researching the science of fat grafting and stem cells. Due to these discoveries, much progress has made especially in Plastic Surgery. Stem cells attach to fat cells in our body. This process is commonly known as fat grafting.  The cells are suctioned from one area, treated, and then placed in another area. While Dr Sadove has been performing filling and lipo grafting to the face for decades, recent discoveries have made auto fat grafting more successful. Platelet-rich plasma, rich in growth factors are added to increase the success of the fat transfer. The stem cells, fat, and growth factors from platelets lead to a remarkable recovery in the healthy appearance of the skin after a period of months

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