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Ice Pick Scar

Boxcar Scars

Ice pick scars are narrow at the surface but characteristically deep. The deep shadow scars are hard to cover with makeup. However, these scars are vertically straight and points at the bottom.

The image is that of a microscopic view of the skin in cross-section. There is a protein on the surface of the skin called keratin. So, the first layer of living cells is called the epidermis. However, these cells originate from what is called the basal membrane. New cells are continually forming at the basal layer and move to the top after new cells form below. The dermis is deep to this basement membrane and is made of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Ice pick scars penetrate down into this dermis. In addition, treatment is possible and effective.

Types of Acne Scars

Ice pick scars are the type of acne scar that is difficult to treat without surgical intervention. Due to its deep nature, resurfacing techniques such as chemical peels and laser are not effective. These lesions proves effectively with the Refine, Punch out wedge. The success rate of this procedure increases with the patient having normal skin surrounding the scar. Ideally, Scars should have some space between when it removes. A large number of scars close together are more challenging to treat. These scars locate on all areas of the face but often seen on the cheeks and forehead.

In Ice Pick scarsgeneral, laser and chemical peels do not effectively penetrate deeply enough to achieve the desired treatment outcome. If a laser peel penetrates to the depth of these scars, the danger of complications would be great. However, very thin or superficial ice pick-like scars improves with an ablative laser. This is only when the patient very shallow scars. However, the word “ablative” is a term that basically means that it is a deeper peel. Moreover, Fillers alone are not effective. Contact Dr. Sadove for Refine, Ice Pick Scar Treatment in North Florida.

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