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    Our Acne Scar Center Practice


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    Dr Sadove and staff welcomes your consultation at The Acne Scar Center practice either virtually or in person.  The Acne Scar Center is conveniently located a short distance from I-75 in North Florida. Although we are located in Florida, Dr. Sadove regularly sees patients from all over.

    All acne scar surgery is performed in our Acne Scar Center practice. Along with other things, light oral sedation is used for comfort by request. This will not change your level of consciousness. In fact, all treatments are under local anesthesia. Because of this, there is no need for formal operating rooms or general anesthesia.

    Typically, only a small band aid is placed over the treated area. Additionally, large dressings are not required unless you are having laser peeling of a large part of your face. In fact, some procedures are subtle.

    There is no insurance or medicare coverage of these procedures. All payments are required prior to treatment. However, convenient payment plans are available. Please see pricing plans.

    Our Staff At The Acne Scar Center

    We are all vaccinated against Covid-19 at The Acne Scar Center.

    With decades of experience, our Acne Scar Practice and staff members Tera and Deanna will help you to have safe and comfortable office surgery experience. It is the road to achieve satisfying cosmetic results. The Acne Scar Center prides themselves in providing top-notch service and comfortability while getting you the results you want.


    Tera is our Office Manager. For over 20 years, she’s worked in the beauty & wellness industry. She studied in Philadelphia, Pa where she became a dually licensed spa professional in 1995.

    Tera moved Gainesville in 2003. For many years, she managed the largest day spa in North Florida. Afterwards, she was excited to join Sadove Plastic Surgery in 2018.

    Her Passion At The Acne Scar Center

    “I have really enjoyed learning about the medical side of the beauty industry. Moreover, I love interacting with our patients and seeing the amazing transformations Dr. Sadove provides for them. However, I’ve always been passionate about helping others look and feel their very best. This is what we do here at Sadove Plastic Surgery!”

    Robin Acne Scar staff Florida

    Robin is an RN with over 40 years of extensive operating room experience in leading major medical institutions. She assists Dr Sadove in the operating room and office procedures/ patient care. In addition, she enjoys travel, gardening, and makes custom greeting cards.

    Teresa Staff Acne Scar Florida

    I am starting my 10th year at Sadove Cosmetic Surgery. It has been exciting to be a part of the positive changes that are possible through plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.
    Teresa is in healthcare field for 30 years. In addition, received my degrees from Florida State University and FIU. So, I held a license as a Physical Therapist.

    Our staff member Teresa now works part time in our office.

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