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888-235-SCAR (7227)

Even if you do not live in North Central, Florida, you can still join the patients who have experienced the high standard of care at The Acne Scar Center. As an out-of-town patient, you can take advantage of Virtual Consultation Program, designed to make traveling to The Acne Scar Center for the procedure of your choice easy and affordable.

Finding the best doctor can be a very difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming task. No matter how you say subcsion; Subcisión, Subzision, חתירה, उपखंड, Subordinazione, 서브시젼; you want the best for your face.

You will know when you find the right one. Unfortunately, traveling around the country for consultations is not practical. The good news is that there is a solution at the end of your fingertips. For a consultation you can stay in the comfort of your own home, even if you’re halfway across the country. Zooming a virtual consultation allows you to sit down and talk to us. We listen, and address all of your concerns. There is no better way for you to make the commitment to travel as we will already feel that we know each other when you arrive.

All that is required is for you to complete the form and submit your photos. In this was we are able to help you along your journey a smoother skin.

My entire staff is dedicated to exceeding expectations and offering an excellent experience for the patients that choose to have their acne scars treated at The Acne Scar Center. We will be with you 100% of the way. Call us and we will try to arrange a ride for you to our office. Most patients prefer to stay at the Townplace Suites Gainesville Northwest 1 block away.

Area Travel Guides

Sadove Plastic Surgery and The Acne Scar Center is centrally located in beautiful North Central Florida and is close to natural wonders, fine restaurants, and hotels. We are a travel destination only 1 hour from Disney/Orlando, The Gulf Nature Coast, and the white Atlantic beaches of St Augustine.


If you are flying in from out of state or driving in from out of town, requiring several nights stay, contact us to be of service.


If you are having Acne Scar Surgery, it is best to arrive with a friend, relative, or care giver. This will allow us to give a pill for light sedation. Contact us if you need help.
If you are having treatment in the office under local anesthesia, you may travel here alone, but a companion is always preferred.

Nursing Care

If you are alone, we can help by contacting a nurse that will be able to stay with you for the night in your hotel room. When needed there is a nightly rate available for these experienced top nurses.


We are just 25 minutes away from the Gainesville Regional Airport ( GNV). Uber and taxi service is available. Private jet service is available at all of the following.

Gainesville Regional Airport

Travel from Tampa or Orlando is best with car rental service.


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  • Ballyhoo Grill 3700 W University Ave 352 373-0059
  • Napolatano’s 606 NW 75th St. 352 332-6671
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