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Acne Scar Treatment and Removal Results That Speak For Themselves.

acne scar treatment

Meet Dr Sadove: Acne Scar Surgeon

Are you tired of acne scar removal treatment that do not work? Dr. Richard Sadove is a board certified plastic surgeon serving the greater Gainesville, North Florida area can help you. He offers acne scar treatments, filler agents like Sculptra, Juvederm, and Revanesse  for acne scars. Dedicated to excellence and continuing education, Dr. Sadove is proud to offer his services for over 30 years in the plastic surgery field. He has been performing fat grafting for decades and now adds his interest in stem cells to treat acne scars. If you are looking to get rid of those acne scars no matter what kind you have, ice pick scars, box scars or rolling scars Dr. Sadove can help you with an acne scar removal that works!!!


It’s time to get the skin you want.


On a regular basis, sadly we see patients who come to our office with a very similar story. They have suffered severely with their acne scars for many years. They have had many different laser and chemical peels with little to no improvement. They are often disheartened and with little hope that anything can be done to help them. This is especially true for darker skin patients who fear lasers.

They are correct. Laser and chemical peels do little to correct most types of acne scar. There are many “wizbang” latest and greatest treatments that are constantly being marketed with claims of the latest and greatest.  However, as long as the treatment philosophy is to thin or lower the epidermis or top thin layer of the skin, they fail. They do so because most acne scar problems are located at a much deeper level. The “hole” in the skin from the scar arose from infection which led to a loss of dermis, lower skin portion, as well as the underlying fat. Any treatment which fails to address this fundamental fact is doomed to fail. Collagen and underlying fat cannot be restored with creams or lasers.

Modern successful treatment requires an experienced surgeon who understands how to treat the skin of the face. Local anesthesia is used to assure comfort.

Ice pick scars are removed with a biopsy punch of the correct size and a fine suture for a few days. The skin is elastic and the suture does not leave marks. In plastic surgery we often change bad scars into better scars. A short flat scar on the face, properly oriented, is much better than a “hole”, especially in a female wearing makeup.

Broad flat scars are shallow and too wide for excision. These are treated by release of the scar below the skin called subcision, and filling to raise the skin to the level of the surrounding undamaged skin. A filler is used, often the patient’s own body fat.

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