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Hyluronic Acid Injectable Filler

Juvederm, Revanesse, and Rystalane are all composed of Hyluronic Acid. These fillers are not for Ice Pick and very deep Box scars. However, they can be very helpful for Rolling atrophic scars. Hyluronic Acid is well tolerated by the tissues. Although it is called an “acid” this is only because of its end of a very very long repeating sugar component. This is the building block which give skin its volume. It is a large sugar molecule which is the major component of skin. For this reason, we can call it a naturally occurring substance. It is purified for use in humans. There is little question with regard to its safety. You will want a material like Hyluronic Acid to raise the level of the skin, fill the volume loss, and reduce the depression. How many cc’s are required depends on how much of an area you would like to treat. All acne scars are “depressed” to varying degrees. The fillers are injected into the dermis in order to raise them to a “higher” level and hence the skin to appear more smooth. The molecule and its water occupy space. Turgor and an appearance of increased elasticity is added to the dermis, as the molecule “holds” a large amount of water. New collagen formation may follow.

These materials vary in the number of connections or chemical bonds that are present within the sugar molecule. It is called “cross linking”. More cross linking leads to a longer period of time before the molecule is eventually “dissolved” or removed from the skin.

Juvederm is an injectable filler made of hyaluronic acid or HA. It is naturally found in human skin and is its major component along with collagen.

Versa is an injectable also made from hyaluronic acid which also gives great results in some acne scars treatment.

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