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Treatment of deep scars cannot come from the top side of the skin. Regardless of the latest “wizbang” laser being pushed on the public via aggressive marketing, laser therapy is of limited value.  Effective therapies will only come from below, pushing the scar area up again to the level of normal skin.

Unfortunately, treatments from the top or epidermal side are not very effective in raising the skin to an even level. Laser resurfacing (ablative and non-ablative), intense pulsed light (IPL), chemical peels, and micro-dermabrasion produce limited improvements in the appearance of scars. The reason for this is because the problem cannot be treated from above on the top of the skin. The problem lies below in the loss of dermis and fat.

None the less, there is some benefit from laser or chemical peels of the skin in many acne scar patients with more minor scars . Acne scar patients often have brown pigmentation which results from the chronic inflammation. It is often of great benefit to even the color and texture with such treatments and creams. Hydroquinone and retinoic and glycolic acids creams are often used successfully.

Lasers are also used to reduce the redness of acne which is no longer infected but not old enough for the redness to fade. Most redness of acne resolves eventually on its own. It may take a very long time. Laser treatments selected for redness can be of help in reducing the period of redness. It is usually best to wait for the redness to resolve on its own instead of investing in the cost of a laser treatment to shorten the period of redness. To know more, contact Dr. Sadove

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