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Subcision & Filler

Unfortunately, there are many such scars that are held down so tightly that injection alone is not able to push up the skin.

in such cases, a procedure called subcision is performed.

Excision is to remove something from the outside; or incise to cut into it To subcise, is to cut something from below. It is possible to perform Subcision & Filler on the face via a very small hidden scar. Such an access incision is placed far away in a hidden location via a tiny hole which cannot be seen after healing. Often this is in the hair line or corner of the mouth. Special needles are made for this purpose. The needs are long , thin, and strong. This is what allows the scar under the skin to be cut or released without a visible scar on the face.


After the underlying scar is released, filler material may be injected into the released
space, helping to “push” up the skin. A fill material is required in order to prevent the upper skin to return to a depressed shape. This is the most effective way for treatment of such scars.

In cases of severe scaring, aggressive subcision is often required. It is here where the skill of an experienced surgeon is most helpful. The use of proper local anesthesia is essential. These both require experienced hands.

It’s time to get the skin you want.


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