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Why Surgery is the Best Option for Your Acne Scars


Most acne scar patients are frustrated with the amount of money they’ve spent on “other” treatments that don’t work. Fraxel lasers, or RF Microneedling alone yield little to no result when it comes to acne scars.

So, why don’t these treatments work? We have to take a look at the acne scars, themselves, to answer this question.

Acne scars extend deep into the skin, some deeper than others. Ice Pick scars, for example, extend into the dermis, and Rolling scars have lost fat beneath the deepest level of the skin. Therefore, non-surgical treatments like lasers and microneedles don’t penetrate deep enough to have any significant improvement on these scars.

Some treatments claim to “stimulate collagen” to plump and smooth acne scars. However, a slight increase in collagen is rarely enough to support the underlying tissues enough to provide a significant, permanent solution.

Acne scars require a more aggressive, surgical approach. To release scar bands and raise the skin to create a flat smooth appearance, you have to go below the dermis.  At The Acne Scar Center, we offer two surgical options for you, depending on the type of acne scars the patient has.  Our RewindRefine techniques are performed safely and comfortably under local anesthesia in our office.  These procedures both address the scars from below, where the problem lies.

You’re invited to schedule a consultation to learn more about the option that would be best for you. We’re happy to speak with you in-person or virtually if you are out of state.

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