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SUBCISION AND FAT TRANSFER FOR ACNE SCARS/CRATERS: Dr. Sadove is truly an artist and i respect his technique. He made sure that the procedure was PAINLESS. It was PAINLESS! Even the area where he did lipo on the hip to take that fat and bring it under my facial scars. He recommended fat since fillers don’t last…WHY DON’T OTHER SURGEONS TELL YOU THIS?! I felt comfortable in his care and i felt like I could trust being in his hands because of his knowledge and confidence in this procedure. I am 35 y/o and have been suffering for years with trying to get rid of acne scarring from high school. It’s been a frustrating process with little improvements and lots of money spent. I got this procedure two days ago and am still healing so I can’t speak of the outcome yet but I can speak on the actual surgery. He made sure I didn’t feel anything…He even had the staff massage my feet to calm me down during the procedure with relaxing music, distracting conversation, positive affirmations and soft touches of the hand every now and then. He even numbed me before numbing me so i didn’t even feel the needles!!! Dr. Sadove is very professional, confident in his work and highly skilled with his technique. He spent 3 hours on me when we were only supposed to do 1 hour…He told his next appointment they had to wait since i changed my mind at not getting CO2 laser and this treatment instead at the last minute. The Dr was even gracious enough NOT TO CHARGE ME EXTRA for a more intense procedure. I am thankful to have found him because he seems to be more informed, experienced and advanced with his technique in some areas than other surgeons but allows you to decide in the end on what is best for you personally. In the end, I chose what he felt was best for my acne scars since I still had acne scars after 2 intense CO2 LASER treatments and have been tired of the same old results. Any other surgeon would recommend CO2 LASER but he was clear on the fact that CO2 LASER is not the best solution at getting rid of craters from acne. Thousands of dollars later I wish someone would have said so sooner. I watched YouTube videos after my surgery (I went in not knowing what it was exactly) and realized patients were complaining of pain during the Subcision process. I had no pain with Dr. Sadove. I also saw how some surgeons went in through all areas of the face which you’d think would leave scars but Dr Sadove went in through the corners of the mouth…brilliant!!! Hopefully the outcome is as brilliant as Dr Sadove’s technique and skill level during the surgery. I will keep everyone updated on on my progress under “acnescarringprincess.” I will also have more details by the end of this month!!

Acnescarringprincess (realself)
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