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I am a male in his 40’s who has suffered from cystic acne scarring for decades. After multiple rounds of laser treatments and microneedling over the years with mediocre results at best, I found Dr. Sadove through Realself and am thankful that I did. Dr Sadove, who has many lasers at his disposal, never once conveyed that lasers were the answer to my rolling and boxcar acne scars on my face. He, in fact, said they would do little to nothing. Instead, he offered subcision with fat transfer as his recommendation. I am glad he did because the improvement in my scars far surpassed anything that I have experienced in the past 20 years (and I have seen many cosmetic and plastic surgeons). Not important they are on realself but I prefer to maintain my aonly did the results exceed my expectations but also the personal attention and interest Dr. Sadove demonstrated in helping me. He clearly has a passion for his craft and it showed in how he approached every detail in my face. Although a “full-face” subcision with fat transfer is far from painless (not bad though either), Dr. Sadove and his staff made me feel very comfortable with both their bedside manner and how informative they were before, throughout, and after procedure. I never felt like they had other patients to attend to that day. If you are looking for an amazing plastic surgeon and staff, I would highly recommend Dr. Sadove. (My apologies for no photos, I know how nonymity)

Tbone16 (realself)
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